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General Tsunami Information

Welcome to the tsunami information from the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.

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Tsunami Survey and Research Information

Miscellaneous Information

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About Us

Teaching and Training Materials

  1. Tsunami Teacher USA Educational video that explains the basics of tsunamis and how to protect yourself. Although the video’s intended audience is the U.S. general public, much of the message is universal. We hope the video is useful for your future tsunami preparedness efforts.
  2. ITIC’s General Tsunami Info The International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) summary page for educational and training materials. The ITIC is part of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). More information here.
  3. Tsunami Visualizations This page has links to visualizations of recent and historical tsunami episodes. They have also collected other materials about tsunamis that go beyond visualizations.

Tsunami Research Outside UW

  1. NOAA’s Center for Tsunami Research Part of the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), the center works in tsunami measurement technology and monitoring; forecasting and modeling of tsunamis and hazard analysis.
  2. U.S. Geological Survey Tsunami and Earthquake Research USGS research to identify places where tsunamis might be triggered, including offshore fault zones and areas prone to submarine landslides. Documentation of the geologic impacts of recent tsunamis.
  3. O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory – Tsunami Wave Basin As part of George E. Brown Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation(NEES) program, the Tsunami Basin is designed as a shared-use facility for next generation remote tsunami research

Tsunami Warning Centers

  1. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center -Areas of responsibility - warnings for Pacific basin teletsunamis to almost every country around the Pacific rim and to most of the Pacific island states. Interim warning center for Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea & South China Sea
  2. West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center - Areas of Responsibility - U.S. West, Alaskan, Atlantic, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Gulf of Mexico coasts as well as the east and west coasts of Canada

“The seas are the heart's blood of the earth.” ~ Henry Beston